Professional Sealcoating and Striping

Renew the exterior image of your business or organization today with Roadrunner Striping and Seal Coating. We provide quality service at a fraction of the time and price!

Living in Northern Michigan your driveway can be subjected to harsh cold and extreme heat, these conditions can break down the asphalt much faster than other climates. You can make it last longer if you seal it at least once every 2-3 years. It’s a great way to make sure you are taking good care of your driveway, this way it will last for many years.

Driveway sealing (sealcoating) will help to make your existing drive or parking lot look more appealing even if it’s already a little damaged. Some cracks are inevitable on an asphalt driveway, but with some expert repairs, we can make your driveway look almost like new again. Our Safe Seal sealant will sit on top of the driveway and act as a barrier to prevent water, fluids, salt, and chemicals from causing more damage to it.

If your driveway or parking lot doesn’t see a lot of traffic or you live in a southern part of the country, then you will be able to get away with sealing your driveway once every three or four years. For us Northern Michigan people who live in areas with colder winters, it is necessary to seal the driveway as often as every year to two years.

Another benefit of having Roadrunner Striping seal your driveway is that we will know what products are best to use on your driveway, especially in our area – so you’ll get protection against cold/heat/snow/ice or whatever else is likely to do damage to your driveway.

Roadrunner Striping and Sealcoating is happy to provide a quote for your parking lot sealcoating, stripping, or other needs. Our striping services, as well as our other services, are very affordable.